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Following kinds of glass can be thermally tempered (hardened) by us:

  • Float glass
  • Cast glass
  • Coloured glass
  • Whitr flashed opal glass
  • Borosilicate glass
  • et al.

The edge processing for the manufacturing of ESG METHERM® is by default delivered as seamed model.
Further processing such as C-cut, polished edge etc. is available on request.
Special refinements such as printing, glazing, drillings and cuttings may be realized easily.

Technische Daten und Details
2,8 - 25mm
min 20mm
max 4300mm
min 20 mm
max 1200 mm
min 20 mm
max 1200 mm


The distance between drill hole edges and glass edges and the distance between the drill hole edges have to be at least two times the glass thickness. In case of more than four drillings, please ask us for the minimum distance. When a drilling is placed in a corner of a pane and when a distance between drilling edge and glass edge is smaller than 35 mm, the difference of the distances has to be at least 5 mm. Correspondingly, the chart applies for the limit deviations.

Nominal diameter
Limit deviation
4 to 20
± 1
over 20 to 100
± 2
over 100
On request

Application Conditions

use duration
life temporary
300 °C
Constant load
200 °C
Resistance against temperature change
150 K
Heat conductance
0,8 W (m•K)
Coefficient of linear expansion
a (20-300°C) = 9•10-6 K-1
Pressure resistance
700 - 900 N/mm²

Bending Tensile Strength

Glass product
Nominal thickness of glass
Bending strength N/mm2 min.*
Mirror glass
4 to 15
Cast glass, float glass and other glasses
4 to 15
Enameled glass (mirror glass, enamel on the glass surface and in the flexural tension zone)
6 to 15

* Here, bending strength is defined as the minimum bending stress which at a confidence level of 0.95 leads to a probability of fracture of 5%.

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