Glass ceramic panes ROBAX® Mennes GmbH

hitzebeständig ~ transparent ~ vielseitig

We refin glass ceramic panes ROBAX® according to your specification. ROBAX® is a transparent glass ceramic, which will be offered in the following

plan, round bent, square bent, printed and coated.

Your logo can be applied as follows:
printed,  sandblasted or laser logo KeraLasTec®

Glass ceramics from MENNES GmbH are heat resistant up to 750°C and will be used in case of large temperature differences and where a transparency must be, for example a fireplace unit.

We can offer you our standard panes and also new shapes and executions.
These include the heat-reflective coating EnergyPlus® and the reflective coating Mirror®. In discussions with our customers we will realize further ideas in future.

Technical Data
Heat conductance
1,6 W/m•K / (mean value from 30 °C to 150 °C)
Coefficient of linear expansion
Normal median coefficient of linear expansion
a (20-700°C) = (0,0 +/- 0,3) x (10 -6 K -1)
(< 100 h)
750 °C
continuous load
(< 100 h)
680 °C
p = 2,6 g/cm³ (при 25 °C)
Elasticity modulus
E = < 95 x 109 Pa

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